Even Bad Movies Can Turn Heads With Good Soundtracks

Bad Movies With Good Soundtracks

The simple truth is that there are a lot of bad movies being made these days. Whether this is a reflection of the current state of Hollywood or rather just a consequence of having more movies being made is unknown. Even with these bad movies, there may be a redeeming quality that saves them from utter ridicule. The inclusion of good soundtracks can help the movies recoup some of their losses from lackluster box office receipts. While there have been many examples of this phenomenon, there are a few that stick out in the mind.

The first and probably biggest in scale of good soundtracks from bad movies is Judgment Night, a movie that was intended to help Denis Leary make the jump from stand up comedy to movie star. Leary’s performance was less than memorable, but the music generated from the film soundtrack is still treasured by music aficionados. Producer Rick Rubin was brought in to create something special and his unique genius paired hip hop stars with rock artists to collaborate on songs. With superstars like De La Soul and Pearl Jam delivering solid songs, the film soundtrack was an immediate hit.

Two more entries in the bad movies with good soundtracks canon come from the same period of time. The Craft and Batman Forever were two movies that received almost unanimous negative reviews, but their soundtracks stand as a saving grace for the movies. Batman Forever is usually thought of as being the worst of the Batman series, but tracks by PJ Harvey, Massive Attack, and the hit song, Kiss From a Rose, by Seal bring at least some respect to the film. In a similar fashion, The Craft manages to escape from the garbage pile by having a film soundtrack that featured previously unreleased songs by diverse artists like Matthew Sweet and Spacehog.

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